Northern Illinois

Tang Soo Do

Frequently Asked Questions

If a student has fulfilled all the requirements for their next belt, then they will be invited to test at the end of the session. Students progress at different rates and every belt has different requirements.

Q: Your fees are lower than other schools. How do you support the school on such low fees?

Martial Arts programs should not break the bank. Everyone should be given the opportunity to learn a martial art at a reasonable price. 

Q: WIll I earn a belt after every session?

Q: How do I register for class? 

Registration is simple. Fill out the onine form or call 331-888-2TSD (2873).

Q: What areas do you focus on? 

We focus our teachings around Respect, Discipline, and Self-defense. Students learn Punches, Kicks, Blocks, Forms, Wrist-controls, Sparring, Board-breaking, Knife Defense, and Gun Defense.

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Q: At what age can students begin taking classes? 

Students can begin taking classes after they have entered 1st grade (or the summer prior). 

Q: How does the Adult Only class differ from the Student class? 

The Adults Only class is designed for those 18 and over who are interested in martial arts, but have a higher interest in self-defense and real world situations. Martial Arts techniques are stll very much part of the curriculum. The accelerated lessons accomodate the adult learner. 

Q: Will I still earn a belt in the Adults Only classes? 

Yes, belts are still awarded at the Adults Only classes.