Northern Illinois

Tang Soo Do



Master Bill Knopf discovered his interest in Tang Soo Do in 2001 and began teaching the martial art form in 2007 alongside his instructor, Master Tom McGregory. Now a 4th degree black belt, Master Bill is the head instructor of Northern Illinois Tang Soo Do (NITSD). Since he began teaching, Master Bill has worked with over 100 students.  Students under his direction focus on learning while having fun. The goal of every class session is to increase students' understanding of, and abilities in, Tang Soo Do.

Master Bill Knopf (4th Dan)

Master Tom McGregory (6th Dan)

Master Tom McGrgegory is a 6th degree black belt and has been teaching Martial Arts for over 20 years. He began his martial arts training in 1992 under the direction of Master Chuck Baehr. Master Baehr trained him in the art of Tang Soo Do with additional emphasis on Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu, T’ai-Chi Ch’uan, Isshinryu Karate, Small Circle Jujutsu and various weapon styles of the listed empty hand styles. Master Tom has awarded rank over 1000 times.


Taylor Knopf (3rd Dan)

Taylor began studying the art of Tang Soo Do when she was 6 years old. Her instructor since the start has been Tom McGregory. She received her 1st Dan (black belt) just prior to her 16th birthday on August 3, 2011 after studying for 10 years. Taylor has been teaching since she was 12 years old and has instructed over 100 students. Taylor is currrently away at college and returns periodically to instruct. 

Mikey Tito (3rd Dan)

Mikey began training at Northern Illinois Tang Soo Do in 2003, at the age of 8, under the instruction of Master Tom McGregory. At the age of 15 Mikey started assisting during the beginner class every week helping Master Tom teach the white belt class. Mikey completed his First Dan Black Belt test at the end of his senior year in 2012, and continues to teach along-side Master Bill Knopf. Mikey does an excellent job working with the newer students, teaching them discipline and respect.  Mikey uses his background in education to develop new ways to help students evolve their skills in Tang Soo Do.