Northern Illinois

Tang Soo Do


Belt Structure

Our school uses the following belt structure when awarding rank:

10th Gup - White
9th Gup - Red
8th Gup - Yellow

7th Gup - Green

6th Gup - Green / Black Stripe

5th Gup - Blue

4th Gup - Blue / Black Stripe

3rd Gup - Brown

2nd Gup - Brown / Black Stripe

1st Gup - Brown / 2 Black Stripes

1st Dan - Black


Korean Counting

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art. While the Korean counting system will be taught in class, it is described here to assist students while they are still learning.

1 - Hanna

2 - Dul

3 - Set

4 - Net

5 - Dassat

6 - Yassat

7 - Ilgup

8 - Yadulb

9 - Aho

10 - Yul



Some of the basic forms have been posted to our Facebook page. Forms for the first few belts are listed below.


As a new student, you enter the class as a white belt. During your first session, you will learn the following forms. If you master all 6 forms, you are eligble to test for your red belt.

3 step #1

3 step #2

3 step #3

3 step #4

3 step #5

3 step #6


After earning your red belt, you prepare to earn your yellow belt. The following forms are learned during this session:

Key Bon 1

Key Bon 2


Yellow belts learn the 23 hand techniques along with the following 2 forms in preparation for testing for their green belt.

Key Bon 3

Key Bon 4


Once a student has mastered the forms through Key Bon 4, they learn the following forms for earning their high green belt.

Key Bon 5

Tae Shun Hyung


Brown Belt Requirements

Along with the forms necessary for earning a brown belt, students must also pass a written test based off our Tang Soo Do book. Contact one of the class instructors to obtain the username and password for downloading the pdf file.