Northern Illinois

Tang Soo Do


There are many beautiful theories on the history of  Tang Soo Do, some more highly glossed than others. It is commonly accepted that Tang Soo Do refers to the art of "open handed combat", a literal translation of "The Way of the Chinese Hand". An argument continues to rage about the origin of oriental open hand fighting. Some Japanese Karate experts insist the art is of Japanese origin, some say it came from Okinawa, others say it began in China and spread from there. The Chinese theory is usually the one most readily accepted because China is the cradle of Oriental culture, but this does not necessarily mean the martial arts as well had their beginning there.


In its current form, though, Tang Soo Do is synonymous with the Korean martial art promoted by grandmaster Hwang Kee. Tae Kwon Do and Tae Soo Do were born in the early 1940's, taking much of the basics of Tang Soo Do.


Northern Illinois Tang Soo Do was created by Master Chuck Beahr while living in the Chicago western suburbs. Taught by Master Chuck Beahr, Master Tom McGregory formed his own school under the same name in 1998 after moving to Oswego, IL. In 2015, the school was moved from its location to another location within Oswego. At that time, the school was passed on to Master Bill Knopf.


The teachings of Northern Illinois Tang Soo Do is influenced by many styles. Northern Illinois Tang Soo Do welcomes many guest instructors who bring their expertise in styles such as Shotokan, Hapkido, Judo, and Jujitso.


We focus our teachnigs around Respect, Discipline, and self-defense. Students learn Punches, Kicks, Blocks, Forms, Wrist controls, Sparring, Board breaking, Knife defense, and Gun Defense.